Economical, Effective Weed Control
Atrazine is a popular weed control tool because it is economical to use, extremely effective against a spectrum of weeds, and very safe to the crop. Research has documented the benefits of atrazine to the bottom line for growers:
  • Data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that farming without atrazine would cost corn growers $28 per acre in lost yield and/or increased weed control costs. The agency estimates the total negative impact on corn, sorghum and sugar cane growers in the U.S. would exceed $2 billion if atrazine were not available.
  • Of 13 weed control programs rated for net return in a 1997 University of Illinois study, the top three all contained atrazine.
  • Using farm machinery to cultivate weeds from fields adds to farmers' labor, fuel and equipment costs and increases the potential for soil erosion. Atrazine is a popular choice for no-till farming methods that have both economic and environmental benefits.