Atrazine Herbicide

Atrazine - Safe for people, good for the environment and the economy.

Atrazine See How
Atrazine’s effectiveness and safety is well documented throughout the United States and around the world, with nearly 7,000 scientific studies conducted on the product.

For more than half a century, atrazine has been a mainstay of corn, sorghum and sugar cane farmers for its proven control of a broad range of destructive weeds. Each year, it supports up to 85,000 American jobs, while saving U.S. consumers up to $4.8 billion due to decreased input costs and increased production.

Atrazine plays a significant role in feeding the world, but it also protects the environment and critical wildlife habitats by reducing up to 85 million tons of soil erosion each year by encouraging conservation tillage and no-fill farming.

The proof is in the numbers: Atrazine is effective, safe, and integral to agriculture’s success in the United States and worldwide. There is no substitute.

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