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The Science and Safety of Atrazine

Each new pesticide active ingredient typically requires a review of more than 120 studies by EPA – atrazine has been the subject of more than 7,000. This database on atrazine is robust and provides a weight of evidence that overwhelmingly supports the safety of atrazine for human health and the environment.

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Customer Testimonials

“Simazine is an important herbicide for California citrus growers because of its efficacy in controlling weeds and its low cost. Controlling the cost of production is a major priority for the survivability of the California citrus industry and simazine is an important, cost-effective herbicide that helps in that regard.” -California Citrus Quality Council
“Specialty crops are the cornerstones of Florida’s agricultural industry and have been for many years with documented impact in excess of $8.7 billion per year. Florida farmers grow more than 250 types of these specialty fruit and vegetable crops. For nearly six decades, the triazine herbicides have provided effective, low-cost, broad spectrum, long-acting weed management for Florida farmers. Florida farmers who grow sweet corn, sod, sugarcane and citrus all depend upon these extremely effective and economical triazine crop production tools for weed management. The triazines are the most researched herbicides in history and have a proven safety record in the field.” -Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association
“Atrazine is one of the most closely examined pesticides in the world and has a long history of safe and effective use. This important tool deserves a scientific process that includes the best available data and a thorough and comprehensive scientific review. Pesticides are critical technologies for allowing farmers to implement no-till, as well as conservation tillage, practices. These practices are critical tools in farmers’ toolboxes in the fight to climate change.” -National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
“Atrazine is the most widely used, effective and safe herbicide used on Iowa corn. EPA has time and time found that atrazine is safe for humans and the environment. It is a key tool in Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen loss and improve surface water quality, and also in Iowa’s state pesticide resistance management program. That’s because atrazine is especially effective in today’s high-residue fields, greatly reducing the need for in-season weed control tillage. Iowa farmers use atrazine on at least 65% of corn acres to control broadleaf weeds, more than any other crop protection compound, because it works, it’s cost-effective and it’s safe for farmers and the environment.” -Iowa Farm Bureau
“These three triazine herbicides have diverse use patterns and are critically important herbicides used on a wide variety of fruit, grain and vegetable crops, as well as in forests and rights-of-way, and at industrial, commercial, residential and recreational sites. Growers have reached out to us with real fear that the outcome of this consultation process will be the cancelation of herbicides that their production systems, and their livelihoods, depend on.” -United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Pest Management Policy