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Health Effects

No one has, ever will, or ever could be exposed to enough atrazine in the natural environment to affect their reproductive health.

In fact, atrazine has not been detected on food in any statistical significance, nor is it physically possible to dissolve enough atrazine in water to have any impact on hormones or human health.

Drinking Water

Safe water

Atrazine is one of the most studied molecules in history. Nearly 7,000 studies attest to its safety, which is why the EPA reapproved its use in 2006 after a dozen years of scientific scrutiny.

In 2010, after reviewing the latest safety data, the World Health Organization raised its recommended limit from two to 100 parts per billion. In the U.S., the limit remains much lower—at three parts per billion.

The fact is, a 150-pound adult could drink the amount of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool every day for 70 years with atrazine at three parts per billion, and would still not reach a level of exposure shown to have any effect in laboratory studies.